Why the item is available by request?

Some items need to be varnished or framed or it may be requested by other collector that asked a priority on the sale.
Please contact me using the form below to know timing, costs and more information.

Why the price is not shown on this item?

Some items may need particular treatments or need to be framed (frames vary widely the price depending on the type), in these circumstances I prefer to be contacted the collector first.

What is the shipping cost?

Shipping rates depend on the desired shipping speed, distance and weight/size of the item and additional insurance.
In order to know the exact cost please don’t forget to indicate the destination.

What is the price of the frame?

Frames cost may vary widely depending on dimensions of the painting, rod size, type of wood and coating.
Please contact me to choose with me the right frame and know more about types and prices.

Any more questions?